Pueblo Man Shot In Home

27 November 2015, Pueblo, Colorado

A man was shot after being found at a Colorado home.

The catch? According to police, it wasn’t his home and he was shot after a physical confrontation with the homeowner; who surprised him during his burglary.

The intruder was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition.

This is something to think about when you, a law abiding citizen or resident, enter your own home. Unless you have the world’s greatest alarm system, a trained guard dog, are rich enough to afford security guards, or some combination of the three, there is always a chance of coming home and having someone try to turn your burglary into a robbery.

This Good Guy With A Gun was apparently somewhat prepared when he went into his darkened home: he had a firearm to hand eventually, but we don’t know if it was in his hand, on his body, or stored nearby.

Now, we’re not saying that you should go into your house muzzle-first whenever you come home. All we’re saying is that, unless your home is a literal fortress, then there is a possibility of you needing to Be Your Own First Responder by dint of you not having to have time to call the cops before your assailant comes at you.

Congratulations to the homeowner for his taking care of himself. Perhaps the burglar will take this opportunity to re-examine his life choices and make some changes before the next person he targets is a better shot.

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