Storekeeping Is A Hazardous Profession

28 November 2015, Allentown, Pennsylvania

An Allentown storeowner survived an armed robbery attempt wherein a masked man burst into his store, waving a handgun and demanding money.

The Good Guy With A Gun responded to the request by drawing his own sidearm and firing a single shot; missing the robber but frightening off both the robber and his lookout.

It is not stated where the bullet went.


While we are glad that the storeowner was unharmed and that nobody died, it must be remembered that most jurisdictions hold you responsible for the damage caused by your stray rounds. While no loss of life is always a good thing, injury to your assailant is preferable to sending a copper-jacketed lead ball zooming out into a bystander.

The NYPD does enough of that for all of us, thanks.

We cannot help but wonder at how much of his miss was caused by fear/stress, how much by the human desire to not hurt other humans, and how much by a lack of training?

It is through training that we can overcome these deficiencies.

You cannot eliminate fear. The man who says he is without fear when faced with a lethal threat is either immortal or a fool. You can, however, learn to control it.

You control it through physical conditioning, mental preparation, and reality-based training. Simulations, force-on-force, even paintball can all work to help you learn to channel the fear response and the stress it generates into positive action.

And Action beats the Government-approved method of cowering in a corner.

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