Florida Man Shot While Leaving the House

03 December 2015, Winter Park, Florida

A Florida man is in the hospital tonight after being shot in the face as he walked out the front door…

…of someone else’s home.

The reason for the shooting is that the septuagenarian homeowner came home at about the same time and caught the burglars attempting to leave with his stuff.

Now, we normally recommend that you just let burglars leave if they can, kind of like any other wildlife, and only use force when they’re coming rright ffor you.

But in this case, perhaps he was. Put yourself in the burglar’s shoes: You’re stressed, you’re in someone’s home and don’t know if they’re coming home soon, everyone’s crazy and armed, and then some old dude gets in your face about why you’re stealing his stuff.

We here can easily imagine that the burglar, at the very least, lunged at the old man. This would, especially in the elderly gentleman’s case, create a definable apprehension for their life and give cause to open fire.

Sadly, no further details about mechanics of the encounter are available. We’ll have to wait and see if the DA charges this Good Guy With A Gun for the heinous crime of shooting a criminal while old.

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