How To Stop An Armed Felon In The Most Badass Way Possible: Unarmed

01 December 2015, Bradenton, Florida

According to everything that the left would have you believe about handguns, this was a no-win situation for Juan Hernandez.

The Manatee County homeowner and construction contractor is in the middle of remodeling a home for his family to move into and tonight his dedication to his home was sorely tested.

After taking a break from heavy labor on the house this afternoon, Mr. Hernandez returned to find that his home had been burgled and valuable tools (the tradesman’s lifeblood), his A/C unit, and lighting had been stolen. Fearing that the burglars would return that night, or other burglars would come and take advantage of the same great bargains, he and a friend decided to stay the night.

Good decision.

Later that evening, around 11 P.M., Mr. Hernandez heard car doors slamming in the driveway. He called his wife and, as his English is not yet excellent, asked her to call 9-1-1 for him. Then he saw someone coming up the second floor stairs carrying a gun towards his position, so he hid. That someone turned out to be 22-time felony repeat-offender Muhammad Solomon.

When the luckless felon reached Mr. Hernandez’ hide site, Juan leapt out at the armed robber, knocking him to the ground and causing him to drop his gun.

After the initial defense, Mr. Solomon was unwise enough to get up and reach behind his back, as if he had another weapon. Mr. Hernandez decided that this was more than the maximum amount of guff he was willing to take for the evening, so he picked up Mr. Solomon’s firearm and shot him in the ankle with the .357 Magnum round.

Hernandez then leapt back upon the less-than-smooth criminal and held him (literally) until the police finally arrived

What can we say? This was technically and tactically perfect! This Good Guy With A Gun, this Real American Hero, demonstrated the best of American ideals in courage and pride of ownership in taking on an armed felon with nothing but the elements of speed, surprise, and violence of action while sustaining no injuries himself.

THIS is how you handle an armed criminal when you are unarmed. You become armed and be your own first responder.

Per everything we hear from the fringe-left about how the average citizen is powerless against armed criminals, this is just one more proof of how much that's a lie designed to ensure you give up your Civil Right to Self-Defense quietly. THIS average citizen wasn't even armed to begin with. He had to take the violent offender's weapon just to ensure that he was armed and ready for whatever else this guy had.

Luckily for Mr. Hernandez, a .357 to the ankle often doesn't so much offend as incapacitate through extraordinary amounts of pain.

Can you fail if you defend yourself? You can. But, just as you miss 100% of the shots you never take, you fail 100% of the counterassaults you never launch.

You may be injured, you may even be killed, but you may be just as injured, if not shot out of hand, just to eliminate potential witness.

We congratulate Mr. Hernandez on his stunning example of bravery, resolve, and sheer titanium huevos.

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