Man Lured Into House, Responsible Gun Owner Opens Fire

03 December 2015, South Jordan, Utah

A Utah came near to paying with his life for his crime when he was lured into a house by the homeowner and then almost shot.

The woman lured her hapless victim into the house by leaving a second floor window unlocked. Once inside the house he had no choice but to explore the home and sloooowly stuck his head through the woman’s bedroom door.

Now that we’ve covered this from the gun control aspect, let’s get back to reality, shall we?

Here in the real world a woman was minding her own business, getting ready to go to sleep when she heard a noise and looked up at her door to see a burglar poking his head around it.

She screamed, kicked the door shut, and sent a bullet through it for good measure.

The intruder took off and was never found.

Now, what went wrong?

Several things, actually. Let’s enumerate them, shall we?

1. She claims to have not left her window open. This may or may not be true. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that the burglar was able to jimmy a weak window latch. Regardless, there was a hole in her “perimeter”.

2. This hole was somehow obvious to a person on the ground.

3. Either the perpetrator was carrying his own, or our Good Gal With A Gun left a means of accessing the second floor available to a prowler.

4. And this is the one I have the most problems with, she fired a shot blind.

We realize that the sudden transition from sleepy-time to Be Your Own First Responder-time, especially when there is zero time to cower, hide, and wait for rescue from the police is sudden, but the burglar was already in flight after you screamed and slammed a door in his face when he wasn’t expecting an occupant or resistance.

Unless he was continuing his assault on her door, slinging lead without a target is almost an absolute no-no. In addition to being a violation of Rule 5: Be aware of your bullet, your target, your backstop, and beyond; it is a waste of ammunition and is patently unsafe.

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