Auto Workman Shot

05 December 2015, New Orleans, Louisiana

Jordan Lowe was not bothering anyone as he worked on a truck in the 5500 block of Asuncion Street until another man and a blunt object came into his life and he wound up in the hospital.

The truck’s 62-year-old owner discovered Lowe breaking in around a quarter to 11 last night and confronted him.

Lowe, not appreciating the owner taking the time to personally engage with him instead of shooting him or anything like that, picked up a large stick and began beating the truck owner, following him back into his house.

On entering the house, the owner armed himself with his gun and shot his assailant.

While we are glad the homeowner was eventually victorious, we do have some issues with the execution of his initial approach to his assailant:

If someone is burgling your car, and you choose to engage, WHY would you choose to engage a criminal while you’re unarmed and you have the choice to be armed? This way, when he attempts to smash your head in with a stick

Mind you, we recommend not engaging an assailant unless you have to, but if you do, blunt force trauma is nature’s way of reminding you to take your sidearm with you.

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