Somethin' Jumped Up and Bit Him In The Buttocks

07 December 2015, Odessa, Texas

An armed Odessa man was trying to get in the house when, to paraphrase the immortal words of Forrest Gump, something jumped up an bit him in the buttocks.

Specifically, Hector Garcia, the homeowner, jumped up and shot him in the buttocks after finding that the man, who he knew, had vandalized his vehicle and was in the process of kicking in the door.

Sadly, this story is just as sparse on details as yesterday’s tale of self-defense, so we’ll end with a general admonition to our readers to maintain good SA. It is better for our Good Guys (and Gals) With Guns to stop an attacker before they can finish making entry than to let them get through the first choke point that is your door.

Of course, instead of Being Your Own First Responder, you can always cower in your room and pray that the police get there in time to save you, it's your choice.

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