Man Shot During Burglar's Escape

10 December 2015, Hamilton Township, Ohio

An Ohio Grandmother is without medication this morning, after a man broke into her home and stole the meds, along with money and jewelry, before being detected and attempting to flee the home through a basement window.

The burglar, slow to move, is believed to be looking for a way to off load his haul along with the .22 round believe to be lodged in his buttocks; which had been placed there by a Good Gal With A Gun.

Police are canvassing the local hospitals looking for a man with a gunshot wound.

None of the victims were injured, though the grandmother DID need to go see a doctor after the stress of the situation.

No mention is made of a dog or an alarm system; only that the grandmother heard movement in the basement and an armed family member was sent to Be Their Own First Responder to investigate, shooting the intruder as he fled the house.

We can’t really say that we would not do the same.


#burglary #burglar #youareyourownfirstresponder #castledoctrine #GoodGalWithAGun #HamiltonTownship #Ohio #Swader

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