Asst. District Attorney Labeled As "Sick" After Shooting A Man

10 December 2015, Inola, Oklahoma

Craig County Assistant District Attorney Erin Oquin was described as “sick” when she shot Bryan Starkey around noon today.

Ms. Oquin was home on sick leave when Mr. Starkey decided that her house, located well off the beaten path, would make a good target for…something; maybe a burglary, maybe a home invasion if he knew she was home.

As is the case in most states where violent crime is treated as such regardless of the motivation, Mr. Starkey was in for a rude surprise. Instead of an empty house or a surprised, semi-conscious, illness-riddled victim he was greeted with the loud “Bang!” of a gunshot as he kicked his way through her back door.

Let’s talk about preparedness.

Ms. Oquin, as a prosecutor, knows the danger she’s in as a consequence of her occupation. She’s also generally aware of how often daytime burglaries occur. It only makes sense that regardless of how sick she was, she was ready for the unlikely event of someone trying to get into her house.

Concurrently, she was most likely not walking around her home at the low-ready looking for people assaulting her house.

She may have been home-carrying, or she may have firearms secured throughout her home. Either way, when the criminal kicked down the back door to her rural home, when police were many minutes away, this Good Gal With A Gun was Able to Be Her Own First Responder and was required to use deadly force before her unwelcome guest would leave.

Once police were able to arrive on the scene, they found Mr. Starkey at the end of a dead-end-road with a gunshot wound to the chest.

He will be charged upon his release from the hospital.

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