Man Opens Fire On Pennsylvania Avenue

08 December 2015, Towson, Maryland

A 68 year-old Towson Wine and Spirits Clerk is facing potential charges after defending himself from armed robbers in Maryland.

Baltimore County police admit that the clerk used his lawfully owned handgun to shoot Claude Mayo after the serial violent offender produced a handgun and pointed it at the clerk’s head. Nevertheless, in true Blue State fashion, they are digging deep to find something to charge him with because guns.

They have not yet been able to charge him.

Claude Mayo, 25, previously convicted for armed robbery and armed carjacking, out on probation and pending a violation hearing, died after fleeing the scene.

Now, let’s talk about what, if anything, the clerk could have done better.

Aside from improving his situational awareness, not much. He took a situation where he failed to observe the threat in advance, was behind the power curve, and then used the core principles of speed, surprise, and violence of action to surprise his assailants by opening fire with a rapidly-drawn weapon of his own.

This caused both violent assailants to flee, but Mayo collapsed and spread out on the pavement where he expired.

We congratulate our Good Guy With A Gun on surviving to clerk another day in a state where he is expected to allow himself to be shot or killed without committing the heinous Maryland crime of self-defense.

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