A Large Deep-Dish With A Side of Self-Defense

09 December 2015, Detroit, Michigan

A pizza delivery driver and his co-worker was assaulted by armed robbers today.

The driver was delivering to what turned out to be an ambush when he was forced to Be His Own First Responder and opened fire after the robber pulled a gun.

The driver’s co-worker was wounded in the incident, it is not stated if it was by gunfire or another cause.

The robber was hit with lead and found bleeding the next street over from the location of the assault. His accomplice is still at large.

Pizza delivery is an insanely dangerous job made even more dangerous by the propensity of the pizza chains’ refusal to allow their drivers the option to defend themselves.

There have been exceptions, but more often than not, drivers are given the choice between having the means to defend themselves or having a job which may be the only method some of them have to put food on the table (other than unsold pizza). If they stop a robbery or a rape, most chains will immediately fire the employee.

That’s a hard decision to make. Do you risk your job for being found out to have a gun on you or do you go out into the Democrat-run paradise known as Detroit unarmed and carrying enough cash to make change/get robbed?

For some, this decision is a no-brainer, for others, well... Let's just say that the people who are agitating the most for Gun Confiscation...er...Gun Safety don't have to deal with the issues this man does. They're safe behind their security systems and armed guards, so it's easy for them to call for rules that only really affect the poor.

Our Good Guy With A Gun in this example made the decision to defend himself and came out of it alive.

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