Man Brandishes Gun Near 5 Year-Old Girl

09 December 2015, Turlock, California

Gilbert Minjares has faced some tough decisions in his life, none tougher than the live-action shoot/no-shoot drill he went through last night.

Minjares, 53, was putting his little girl to bed when they heard a loud noise from the back yard. He told his little girl to stay put and went to investigate, grabbing his handgun on the way.

What he found was 26 year-old Martin Zamora busting in through his French doors.

Mijares, however, kept his calm. He illuminated Zamora with his laser and instructed him to get on the floor.

Zamora complied, allowing Minjares the time he needed to call 9-1-1 and summon professional aid. The police arrived two minutes after the incident was contained.

This man did a lot of things RIGHT. He secured his child and was able to use the threat of force to avoid having to use actual force. He was calm and assertive in his confrontation with the home invader. And he made sure that the responding officers knew who the good guy was well in advance of their arrival.

Let’s talk about police response time.

The officers responded in less than two minutes. This is a great response time. For an organization which is reactive in design, two minutes from first call to on scene is terrific.

The problem is what can happen in those two minutes. The average American home is not built to repel invaders. With our large windows, glass doors, double doors, and other pretty points of entry, gaining access to an American house is ridiculously easy and is more a question of how much noise an intruder is comfortable with making and their ultimate goal rather than any real difficulty presented by the barricades themselves.

The amount of damage a determined intruder can do in two minutes is not something that most people think about. This is a pity, as most of these people are also thinking that the police will be there to save them within a few seconds of placing the call.

This might work for Hillary Clinton or Michael Bloomberg, with their legions of armed guards, multi-million dollar security systems, and law enforcement organizations who know who funds their budgets. But the average person doesn't have that.

Regular Joes can expect response times heading north of five minutes, even WITH security systems. As such, it's upon them to Be Their Own First Responders and ensure the safety and security of their families.

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