Houston Child Shot By Former Soldier

14 December 2015, Houston, Texas

A Houston child playing with a pellet gun was shot by a former soldier after he felt threatened.

Specifically, the soldier was one of four former soldiers employed at a bar in downtown Houston who were walking out to their cars to leave work when two men and little Dante Green pulled up in a white sedan, drew guns, and attempted to rob the group of veterans.

Unfortunately for little Dante, one of the former soldiers was already by his car. He drew his own firearm and opened fire on the three, striking the child multiple times, causing him to drop his pellet gun and fall to the ground.

The other two robbers jumped back into their car and left the 17 year-old to suffer alone.

The two men got away with one of the victims’ purses, though one may have been shot. Police are waiting for him to show up at a local hospital.

The young adult is currently in the hospital and is expected to survive his injuries.

The lesson we can take from this is that it pays to be ready. These individuals were probably doing the usual walk off of the job site: Mildly distracted, maybe laughing or joking about their plans for the evening, but as soon as the situation changed, so did their attitude. As soon as the ambush started, everyone stayed relatively calm. One man was near his weapon, drew it, and defended the group.

This should be you, too. You don’t need to spend time in the military to achieve this mindset. You do need to train.

Train on your own, train with a group, try to take professional-level training when you can. Take a one day course to learn basic techniques or take weeks-long courses at one of the many world-class facilities located around the country.

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