LAPD Fails To Arrest Shooter

14 December 2015, Los Angeles, California

An unidentified homeowner was watching TX this morning when a pair of men entered. How? We don’t know. Maybe they broke in through a window or kicked in a door? Maybe they walked right in through an unlocked front door. Although that last one would be a little farfetched living in the progressive utopia of Los Angeles.

As has been shown repeatedly in this blog, more people are staying home. Lately, it hasn’t been just retirees.

Regardless of how they got in or how physically capable the homeowner, these freelance wealth redistribution specialists were not expecting resistance and one of them was fatally shot by the homeowner.

Due to the paucity of details, we don’t yet know what the homeowner could have done better, aside from better-securing his home.

However, we CAN hold him up as an example of readiness. Our Good Guy With A Gun was able to react with sufficient speed, intensity, and violence that he was able to Be His Own First Responder and come out the other side of his trial physically unharmed.

We cannot say the same for his mental health. We would like to take this time to remind you that shooting someone, even in self-defense, can cause emotional trauma. We hope that he is able to get the help that he may need after this violent encounter.

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