Albuquerque Man Shot While Getting Into the Car

07 December 2015, Albuquerque, New Mexico

A shotgun-wielding maniac went after three men standing around a car today, claiming that the men were trying to get into his car.

Of course, the men in question were witnessed by the shooter to have walked up to his car, wearing ski masks and attempting to break in. When he confronted these fine, upstanding members of the community, one of them raised a firearm in his direction.

They apparently didn’t notice the shotgun leveled in their direction as, on their attempting to point the firearm at him, the homeowner decided that a proactive attitude towards self-defense was in order.

He shot at them, striking one of them, who was later unceremoniously dumped at the hospital by his compatriots.

According to the Albuquerque Police, no charges have yet been filed against the homeowner, but the District Attorney is reviewing the case.

19 December 2015, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Charges have indeed been filed in the case of the homeowner defending himself against a group of men alleged to have attempted to shoot him while they were breaking into his car.

According to the charges, Javier Valenzuela decided to level his firearm at the homeowner. He was subsequently shot for his pains and, as described above, ejected from his accomplices’ vehicle like so much dirty laundry down a chute.

The homeowner is still uncharged.

Though, after all of this, perhaps our Good Guy With A Gun will recognize that he went in for a rather closer call than was absolutely necessary.

Yes. He successfully defended his expensive vehicle.

Yes. He drove off his assailants with no harm to himself.

But unless he perhaps had something in his vehicle worth his life, was it necessary to engage the large group of armed assailants?

Generally, we say no. No it’s not. We congratulate the man on his successful defense, but would not necessarily recommend this course of action over something so trivial as a car window or stereo.

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