Woman Executed For No Reason

18 December 2015, Las Vegas, Nevada

An innocent woman was executed by a gun-fetishist with a hero fantasy after she tried to do nothing more than relieve her pain.

Wait…our bad…sorry. We thought this piece was for Mother Jones or the Clinton Campaign.

What we meant to say was that an initially-unarmed man stopped a pair of violent masked felons from completing an attempt at robbing a dentist’s office of its cash and narcotics.

The two felons, Veronica Clay and an unidentified male, burst into the office brandishing firearms around 7PM. They demanded money and narcotics and began pistol whipping one of the dentists.

One employee had the presence of mind to use the distraction created by the pistol whipping to escape to freedom.

Only, he didn’t run away from the robbers. Instead, he ran out to his car and retrieved his handgun. Rushing back into the office, our Good Guy (now) With A Gun encountered the pair as they attempted to make their escape and a confrontation ensued.

As the police still hadn’t arrived, the employee was required to be His Own First Responder during this second confrontation. He fired upon the assailants, striking both of the violent offenders, killing Clay and wounding the unidentified man, described as a 5’7” black male wearing dark clothing, who fled into the night leaving a trail of blood

As this is still an active investigation, there are few details available and we will refrain from extended commentary until more facts emerge. Though we strongly suspect that, regardless of the bravery or foolhardiness of rushing back in to the office to confront the felons, the Good Guy With A Gun was most likely left with no alternative in his encounter with them on the stairs.

The fact that they had already used extreme force in their attempt to rob the office leaves no question of whether or not they would be prepared to use force to effect their escape.

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