Man Shot In Back

20 December 2015, Cincinnati, Ohio

Mohammad Abdelwahad, 55, a convenience store owner in Cincinnati shot Ronald Collins, 30, in the back during a robbery.

But this wasn’t just any robbery. This was the second time Mr. Collins had robbed Mr. Abdelwahad; having stolen $600 in a previous violent crime.

Mr. Abdelwahad, shot Mr. Collins as he was attempting to make his getaway. He turned towards the door and Mr. Abdelwahad pulled out his gun and prevented the escape of a violent repeat offender.

Sadly, Mr. Abdelwahad does not live in a free state. While we are not lawyers, Ohio law appears to state that this upstanding citizen may not have been authorized to use force to prevent the escape of someone who has just committed a violent crime.

Hopefully, the DA will let common sense prevail. While Mr. Abdelwahad may have no longer been in direct danger once Mr. Collins turned to leave, what about the money he was getting away with. Having already robbed the man of a large amount of money, he then robbed him of some MORE money. Is not economic harm just as deleterious to Mr. Abdelwahad and his family?

It’s not like he’s rolling in dough. He runs a business with very thin margins and, as the owner, if he doesn’t make a profit, he doesn’t get paid. Period.

Our Good Guy With A Gun may not have done the lawful thing, but we believe that he may very well have done the right thing. If he escapes the ever-tightening noose of draconian gun laws with his civil rights intact we would be proud to welcome Mr. Abdelwahad to our community here in Texas.

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