Las Vegas Gun Violence Explodes, Killing or Wounding Children and Adults

23 December 2015, Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas erupted in shootings this morning. Two children and an adult male were both needlessly gunned down by fear-crazed gun owners.

The first fatal shooting involved a little boy who, along with his friend, made the simple mistake of walking into the wrong house just before noon and paid for it with their lives.

The two young boys, thinking perhaps that it was someone else’s home, accidentally crashed through a second-floor window and encountered the homeowner.

The trigger-happy gun-nut opened fire at the two; one of whom took the subtle hint of a gunshot wound and jumped back out the window. The second little boy continued towards the homeowner and was fatally shot.

In a separate shooting, an innocent young man was needlessly shot after he tried to enter the wrong home while (possibly) under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

According to authorities, a man in his 20s or 30s was trying to enter a home around 5 AM when the homeowner, a raging gun fetishist decided to stop talking to the young man and answered his entry request with gunfire through his not-yet-destroyed front door.

It is not yet known if the irrational gunman will face charges.

In case you didn’t catch it, the above was written as satire of the many hardworking, dedicated Americans who advocate tirelessly for the repeal of your second amendment. Mostly so they can FEEL safe at the expense of your ACTUL safety.

In reality, the first incident involved two 17 year old males who broke into the house through an upstairs window. The homeowner opened fire upon the home invaders, wounding one of the young men, who immediately exited the home through the window. He was picked up later and taken to the hospital.

The remaining assailant decided that the best idea was to charge at the homeowner and was promptly shot.

In addition to the two 17 year-olds, a 13 year-old was also picked up by authorities. He was acting as the lookout. For the two young men conducting the actual break-in.

The homeowner will most likely not be charged

The second shooting event occurred earlier in the morning when a possibly-intoxicated male in his mid-20’s or early 30’s began trying to break down the door of a residence. He was screaming at the homeowner while kicking and ramming the door. The homeowner chose to fire before his door failed, killing the man.

The assailant’s toxicology report may take up to six weeks to come back from the lab.

The homeowner has not yet been charged with any crime.

Normally, we’d take these stories and turn them into two separate articles, but they dovetailed so well that we combined them.

In both of these incidents, these Good Guys With Guns stood their ground and defended themselves, their families, and their homes.

Further, both of these individuals were forced by circumstances into Being Their Own First Responder.

The first homeowner went to check out a noise he’d heard and walked into a burglary in progress. This is not an unusual event. Most people, many of whom are home for the holidays right now, don’t realize that most burglaries are taking place during the day. The 17-year-old assailants, out of school for the same reason, may not have taken this into account.

Sadly, this means that he also had no chance to button up in his bedroom and call police before being confronted with a threat.

The second homeowner warned the attacker that he was armed and would shoot him. The female resident was able to call police. They just didn’t arrive in time to prevent the need for the homeowner to use force to prevent the assailant from making entry into the home.

From the way the stories are written, it seems to us that the man did what he could to avoid having to use force. He stayed behind his door and repeatedly warned the individual that he was risking his life by attempting to enter the house, but to no avail.

The homeowner shot through the door before the man could complete his entry.

We at Interritus generally warn our clients that shooting through a closed door is a bad thing as it means that you’re not 100% sure of your target or what’s behind it. However, there are times when it may be the best decision out there.

For example, if the door is about to give way, perhaps taking that shot is preferable to letting them come through the door (a built-in choke point) and gain access to the increased maneuverability afforded by a room or hallway.

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