It's a Home Carry Christmas

24 December 2015, St. Cloud, Florida

An Osceola County man is shaken, but unharmed after a non-Santa individual apparently entered his home and assaulted him.

Investigators say that the homeowner and the intruder had no prior relationship when the man decided to interrupt the homeowner’s Christmas get-together by invading his house via the back door.

Our Good Guy With A Gun heard a noise at the back of his house, so he armed himself and walked back to the rear of the house. There he encountered Mr. Bo Garris trying to let himself into the house.

Mr. Garris somehow made it through the back door. Sadly, due to the rapidly evolving nature of the incident, the homeowner was required to Be His Own First Responder and shot Mr. Garris after a scuffle.

Mr. Garris died of his wounds.

The homeowner was roughed-up by Mr. Garris.

The remaining residents/guests in the house were unharmed.

The moral of this story is: Home Carry.

While your chances of being the victim of a violent crime like this are infinitesimal, when it does happen, you may very well not have time to retreat, to call 9-1-1, or to flee.

In this case, when you’ve heard the noise, but aren’t sure if it’s the breeze moving things around or someone trying to let themselves in, having your sidearm to hand and the training and willingness to defend yourself and your home is key to the last layer of your layered home protection plan.

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