Houston Man Shot Through Window

25 December 2015, North Harris County, TX

An unidentified miscreant is lucky to be alive today after making an attempt on a woman’s apartment today.

The unidentified man’s invasion was repelled by the apartment’s resident Good Gal With A Gun, who took it upon herself, as the first person on the scene, to Be Her Own First Responder and prevent the man from completing his entry.

While details are sparse. The articles appear to indicate that the man in question was in the process of coming through her window when she fired. This is a good thing as was mentioned in a class we taught today, “Choke points are your friend”.

Why are they your friend? Because they prevent your assailant’s freedom of movement. Whether it’s a window, a door way, or some household items that they have to squeeze between, choke point offer you an unparalleled opportunity to ensure that your attacker cannot move laterally while moving through them.

This is especially noticeable with doorways. They’re called the “Fatal Funnel” for a reason: They’re just a little over average shoulder width wide. Provided your attacker(s) don’t crawl through it and you can time it right, aiming for a point about 4 feet above the floor and centered on the doorway can increase your odds of hitting him, should you decide to press the trigger.

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