Airgun-Wielding Child Shot By Wannabe Vigilantes

25 December 2015, San Bernardino, California

An unnamed child is not expected to survive wounds he sustained after finding himself unexpectedly in the line of fire in yet another mass shooting in San Bernardino.

The unidentified kid was one of four children who pretended to rob a liquor store on S. Rancho Ave. Two of the children, role-playing as robbers, donned black bandanna masks and rushed in waving what was later determined to be an air gun and demanding money.

Apparently not knowing that it was just a game, fearing for their lives, and having the slow police response to the last shooting in San Bernardino fresh in their minds, the clerks pulled their guns from under the counter and defended themselves, shooting the child holding the airgun.

The two children ran out of the store to their friends, who were in a car and pretending to be getaway drivers and the four fled to Colton, CA.

The police located and arrested three of the four children. The fourth, while technically under arrest, was transported to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, where his prognosis is bleak.

Again, this was written as satire and these “children” weren’t playing any game. Four nearly-grown men (15? 16? 17?) decided to help themselves to extra Christmas money by way of threatening the lives of two innocent clerks.

Instead, two situationally-aware clerks who found themselves in what was potentially another mass-shooting found the wherewithal to take control of the situation and Be Their Own First Responders. Our Good Guys With Guns engaged the threat decisively and ended the confrontation by causing their assailants to flee.

This also demonstrates something important that our readers should be aware of: Just because you shot someone, doesn’t mean that they’re out of the fight. This teenager took multiple gunshots, yet was able to flee on foot and survived the ride home, the time that passed until the police found them, and the ride to the hospital.

The clerks, following the “Shoot to stop” principle, stopped firing after the attackers fled. There is no mention of their pursuing their assailants outside of the liquor store.

"But, the child only had an airgun. He couldn't ACTUALLY have harmed the clerks," we hear you say. While we are not lawyers, we would like to take this moment to remind you that what the child or 55-year-old man actually HAS, it's what it is perceived to be that is important in most jurisdictions. If you create the fear of a real firearm in your victim, you may as well have one because you're going to be treated like you did; whether that's in your sentencing at your trial or in the response from an armed citizen.

Sadly, this leads us to believe that if these “children” had taken their comrade-in-(air)arms directly to a hospital, he may have had a better chance at survival.

Instead, three juvenile(?) offenders are in custody, one is circling the drain, and two clerks have to deal with the fact that a young man forced them to shoot him by means of his armed assault upon their persons, on Christmas. Perhaps his family will pay for their therapy, but we doubt it.

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