Young Adults Shot, Killed After Elders "Felt Threatened"

20 December 2015, Gary, Indiana

A 22 year-old Brandon Johnson was killed and a 21-year-old Darianna Antwanette Hamblin was wounded when two elderly men “felt threatened” and opened fire.

According to Hamblin, she saw Johnson and a second man heading behind the house and thought they were going to go toke up behind the house with an unidentified second man when she heard gunshots, ran towards the backyard, and was shot by an unknown assailant.

According to police, the two elderly men had responded to a Craigslist ad and agreed to purchase an ’08 Impala. When they arrived at the location of the car, Hamblin met them out front and then Johnson appeared as they approached the house, pressing a gun into one of the men and forcing him to his knees as Hamblin pulled her own firearm.

Apparently, Johnson and Hamblin were both too distracted by the wallet full of cash on the ground to notice the second man pulling his own sidearm and opening fire, killing Johnson and wounding Hamblin.

The elderly victims will not be charged and are cooperating with the investigation.

This is yet another cautionary tale of the internet.

This is also why many law enforcement organizations have offered up their premises as “safe” transaction areas. You can arrange to meet strangers off the internet there and conduct your legal transactions in relative safety.

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