Hell Freezes Over As Bad Guy With Gun Stopped By Good Guy With Gun, Again...Again

28 December 2015, Newport News, Virginia

The impossible has happened yet again. In a story straight out of the DNC’s nightmares, yet another Good Guy With A Gun has stopped a Bad Guy With A Gun.

Another “victim” of “gun violence”, the unnamed “innocent man” is seen on surveillance video around 7 PM entering a Metro PCS store with his gun drawn.

He next appears on the video being hauled out of the building on a stretcher with a bullet in his chest; the victim of yet another totally unprovoked shooting.

He has asked that the media not disclose his condition. However, given that he has asked that himself, we’d say it was at least fair to middlin’.

On the other hand, what about the clerk who had to shoot this guy?

He’s gotta go back into the office where he just had a life or death encounter with an armed hooligan. He has to deal with the fact that someone’s drive to get their money the easy way required him to defend himself.

The clerk was not afforded the opportunity to call 9-1-1. He didn’t have the chance to run or hide and await his turn to be shot, as so many of our anti-self-defense American’s would have you do. He was required to Be His Own First Responder. To deal with an immediate threat to his life, without benefit of knowing that the cavalry was on the wy and he only had to hold out a few more minutes.

But, hey, if he was required to sell his gun to the government in Hilarity Clinton’s proposed Australian-style gun confiscation scheme, he’d at least have had the moral satisfaction of knowing that he had no weapon on him with which to resist before being shot by his assailant instead of shooting his attacker and surviving physically unscathed.

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