Blood Flows as Responsible Florida Gun Owner Opens Fire

08 January 2016, Columbia County, Florida

WJXT and WTLV in North Florida are reporting that blood has yet again been shed by a gun owner who “feared for his life”.

According to Columbia County Sheriff’s Investigators, Steven Craycraft, 25, was not armed with a gun when he allegedly broke into his sometime-employer’s residence.

Alberto Casola, 63, owns a pecan business and has at times employed Steven in this business. Mr. Casola claims to have heard the noise of someone breaking into his house and went to check it out. On finding an unidentified figure in his darkened room, Mr. Casola fired into the darkness, allegedly striking Steven and causing him to fall to the floor.

When Mr. Casola went to investigate, the still-unknown person fled, supposedly dropping a knife and leaving a blood trail.

Steven was found by Deputies in the front yard of a house a few blocks away and automatically assumed to have been the so-called intruder at Mr. Casola’s house.

Somehow, no charges have been filed against Mr. Casola for his use of a firearm in wounding a man he knew.


So, if we go by the article above, we can see that some shady events occurred in the Gunshine state. We can see that a man was shot and then accused of breaking and entering, possibly in an attempt to cover up some other nefarious circumstances. This is how the national media would cover this, if they covered it at all.

Nothing that was written in the above article was wrong and no room is left for any other interpretation. We further introduce sympathy for the felon by referring to him by his first name and his victim by last name, only. We’ve also done our best to introduce doubt through the use of vagaries that don’t say exactly who was doing what and we imply that the man who was shot was unarmed by not stating that he had a knife until much later.

Luckily for Mr. Casola, this was not covered by national news outlets. It was covered by local news who still have some shred of journalistic integrity. They included ALL the details:

Authorities believe that Steven Craycraft, 25, a career criminal with a lengthy rap sheet for burglary, trespassing, larceny, and vehicle theft was shot last night while attempting to burgle a house belonging to Alberto Casola, 63.

Mr. Casola, who owns a pecan business, heard a noise in his house and went to check it out. Looking into his darkened living room, her perceived an intruder and fired a single shot at the man before taking cover in a bathroom.

After hearing nothing for a bit, Mr. Casola emerged from the bathroom to see the person still on the floor and went to check him out, only to see his assailant rise up, drop a knife, and flee the building, leaving a blood trail. Mr. Casola then called 9-1-1.

Investigators found Mr. Craycraft a few blocks away and had him taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Apparently, Mr. Craycraft has sometimes worked for Mr. Casola in his business. Our Good Guy With A Gun believes that the motivation behind the burglary was an attempt to steal the money used in the business.

Cpl. Murray Smith, a Columbia County Public Information Officer, is quoted by WJXT as saying, “You have every right to protect yourself in your own home and that’s a personal decision. I would tell everyone [that] if they want to take that kind of action, that we’d prefer that you would call law enforcement, but let’s face it, we are not everywhere all the time, so in this case the individual felt the need to protect himself, so that’s what he did.”

No charges have yet been filed.

Living out in the County, we can understand Mr. Casola’s reluctance to call 9-1-1 just from hearing a noise. There’s all kinds of things that can sound like someone quietly trying to get into your house.

What we can’t understand is Mr. Craycraft’s need to bite the hand that occasionally fed him. As a repeat offender, he should more aware than most of how rare it is for repeat offenders to find legitimate work.

Regardless, Mr. Casola behaved correctly, investigating a possible nothing and then taking appropriate action; to include fleeing. He was his Own First Responder.

We would like to remind our readers that there is nothing wrong with locking up in your safe room and calling the authorities.

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