High School Assistant Principal Stands His Ground, Shoots Mentally Ill Young Man in Florida

11 January 2016, Pinellas County, Florida

Five days ago, Jacob Desimone’s grandmother reported him missing and endangered. Today, he’s recovering in the hospital with a bullet in his gut.

On returning home from an errand, retired Gibbs HS Assistant Principal Wayne Nundy, 69, came to believe that someone was in his barn. While his wife called police, Nundy armed himself with a .40, went to investigate and was greeted by Desimone, 28, coming down the barn stairs.

According to Nundy, as they circled a backyard pool he repeatedly instructed Desimone to leave his premises and even fired a warning shot into the ground. Instead of taking the generous opportunity to leave, Desimone continued to lunge after him and then finally had enough of pursuing Nundy and threw a patio chair at the elderly man.

So Nundy shot him. Once. In the abdomen.

While Desimone has a history of arrests for theft, possession, and aiding a runaway, this is his first violent crime.

Of course, it could also have been something as simple as Desimone coming down off of something harder which he may have taken or may have been laced into his weed, only his tox screen will say for sure.

But WHY Desimone was in Nundy’s barn or WHY he declined the invitation to depart the premises in peace are irrelevant. Desimone attacked Nundy after our Good Guy With A Gun repeatedly offered an escape route.

However, we do take exception to some of Nundy’s actions. Specifically, we strongly discourage the use of a warning shot. The Fifth Rule of Gun Safety states, “Be Aware of Your Bullet, Your Target, Your Backstop, and Beyond”.

While firing that shot into the ground is definitely less dangerous than launching a round into the air in a random direction, it’s not stated what kind of ground he fired at. Concrete patio or rock-filled dirt offer a high chance of ricochet, possibly into his own leg.

Further, it’s a waste of a round which may be needed if Desimone was as high or withdrawal-addled as we suspect he was. Shots fired into drugged-up assailants, unless they hit something vital, like the pelvic girdle, spine, or motor control area of the brain, can take time to register with your assailant, if the hits register at all. You may need every round you have on you.

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