"Responsible Gun Owner" Opens Fire on Robber, Shoots 22-Year-Old in Head

11 January 2016, Tampa, Florida

Seconds after 22-year-old Anthone Bryant walked into the Hope Food Store convenience store, he was on the ground and struggling for his life after a “responsible gun owner” shot him in the head.

According to Tampa Police, Bryant walked into the store and brandished a knife at the clerk, Mutasem Abu Safiyeh. Mr. Safiyeh declined Bryant’s gracious offer to spare his life in exchange for the cash in the drawer, seeing his knife and raising him a firearm.

Bryant refused to leave and continued to menace Mr. Sefiyeh.

As is usual for this kind of an event, it began and ended in seconds, leaving Mr. Sefiyeh no time to run, hide, or summon law enforcement. Thus, he was required to Be His Own First Responder.

Mr. Sefiyeh fired a shot, striking Bryant in the head.

After bringing a knife to what turned out to be a gunfight, the repeat offender with convictions for drugs and grand theft, is now fighting for his life in Tampa General Hospital.

Our hero, yet another of the allegedly non-existent Good Guys With Guns, is shaken up, but unharmed after his life-threatening experience.

This highlights one of our major points of readiness: BE READY.

Mr. Sefiyeh thought ahead, realized that he was in a very dangerous line of work, and took the steps necessary to ensure that he had at least a fighting chance for when the Armed Assault upon his person inevitably happened.

He had his handgun ready and was prepared to use it in defense of his life and livelihood. He gave his assailant a chance to leave. He wasn’t giving up his cash, that’s for sure.

You, too, should be ready. We’re not talking about spending your entire day on tenterhooks waiting for someone to strike, but engaging in regular training, visualization, and simply maintaining a state of relaxed alertness. An alertness which, as a shopkeeper, he should have anyways.

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