Two Children Shot During Chicago Robbery

10 January 2016, Chicago, Illinois

The inability to interpret basic pictograms may have been the crucial factor in the events leading up to the fatal shootings of two Chicago teens.

Keshawn Marzette, 15, and William Larson (Larsen?), 17, both from the 8300 block of South Throop St., were shot to death at the Z&S Food & Liquor convenience store.

Apparently, a relative of the store owner was upstairs and heard a commotion. On checking it out, he saw the two youths in the store; one of them standing behind the clerk. Seeing that one of the youths had a gun and that this was some kind of robbery, he opened fire, killing the two youths.

The investigation is ongoing, so there are few solid facts. The boys may very well have been robbing the place, but probably not.

According to the Chicago Tribune, people are strictly banned from bringing outside guns onto the premises and there is a large sign outside the building, a large firearm silhouette covered by a red circle and slash, clearly conveying that concept in the simplest, non-literacy-privileged manner posiible.

Is it not more likely that the two teens, products of Chicago’s phenomenal education system, were simply unable to read the pictogram by the doors banning patrons from bringing firearms onto the premises? We wonder this because there’s no other plausible explanation for the two teens being in the store with a firearm.

We’re kidding, of course. The very concept of a piece of paper, be it a law on the books or a sign on the door being sufficient to prevent violent criminals from engaging in their lethal trade is laughable at best and willfully ignorant at worst.

These two morons deliberately ignored the power of a sign informing them that, per 430 ILCS 66/65, they were not allowed to bring guns into the building. They then compounded this outrage by engaging in an aggravated assault upon the clerk and an attempt at an aggravated robbery upon the store.

Former Clinton and Obama administration staffer Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) has not yet expressed his outrage at how the NRA ordered this to happen and we can expect him to call for Indiana and Ohio to strengthen their lax gun laws, clearly the root causes of this heinous crime of self-defense.

We encourage our loyal readers in Chicago to contact the Mayor (@rahmemanuel) often and repeatedly to encourage him to launch an investigation into how we can best ensure that blame for this crime and the generally egregious state of his city only falls on conservatives and/or other states and not upon the failed policies of the city and county administrations of the last 30 years or the refusal of his law enforcement organs to keep these two misguided youths contained.

Of course, it’s not like they had any real reason to keep these guys locked up. According to police, Larson had been arrested only 30 times previously and Marzette had only been arrested four times in the past few months; the most recent being for the minor crime of Grand Theft Auto last week.

As to the strategic or tactical breakdown of the incident itself, there’s not much we can say. Two violent, armed individuals made entry onto the premises around 8:30 and announced their robbery by jumping the counter and assaulting the clerk behind it.

They were stopped by a man who used the partial concealment of a staircase to engage the criminals before they saw him.

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