Philadelphia Store Owner Opens Fire on Armed Robbers

11 January 2016, West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A man is dead, another jailed, and schools were locked down while police searched the area for a third accomplice.

Apparently, the men decided that the best target for a robbery was the family-owned business which has been a fixture in the community for the last 30 years.

Somehow, the concept of nice, hardworking people owning firearms never entered their planning process.

Unfortunately, this meant that they were woefully unprepared to be met with force of arms upon their entry.

A local activist spoke very highly of the shooter, “Everybody in the neighborhood loved him. And his wife and all them was born and raised in this neighborhood. Been in this neighborhood all they life.”

Strange…an activist talking about the man who shot at three innocent victims and no mention of the owner being a paranoid gun nut or a Rambo-fetishist. It’s almost like he’s a normal human who doesn’t want his hard work stolen and, not an evil, beer-swilling, paranoid, racist, NRA member.

This is still an active investigation and the police are not yet sure who actually shot the deceased. This indicates a struggle may have occurred and/or multiple shots were fired and that the store owner may not have shot the violent criminal after al.

This is a great example of how we should be carrying while at work: The owner was simply going about the tasks of the business day when armed evil walked in the door and the owner was called to respond or fall to a lethal threat.

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