Icicles Forming In Hell

13 January 2016, Temple Hills, Maryland

A miracle has occurred in Maryland. A man has used a gun to defend his house and family and hasn’t been arrested for doing so.

It used to be that, in states such as Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington, Maryland, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, as well as in the cities of Chicago and New York, when a gun is discharged in self-defense, the political powers that be did their best to make sure that the shooter was punished or vilified to ensure that other people didn’t get the bright idea to defend themselves.

In this case, a man was attempting to break into a home around 2 AM when the homeowners were alerted by their biologically-based, slobber-generating alarm device; AKA their dog.

The miscreant used a large stick to pry open the storm door while the homeowner, alerted by the dog and armed with a handgun, repeatedly warned the intruder away.

The assailant was shot in the leg and charges are pending against him.

The homeowners were unharmed.

This brings up a good point about layered home defenses. Your gun is your LAST line of defense, not your first. A dog, provided you’re not allergic, is a good middle layer early warning device. Their smell and hearing are much sharper than ours and, with proper training to cut down on squirrel- and cat-based false alarms, can give you sufficient time to grab your phone and gun, get everyone to a secure location, and summon the police.

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