Florida Man Shot Because of How He Was Dressed

15 January 2016, Deerfield Beach, Florida

A man was shot dead in a Deerfield Beach convenience store, a victim of the profiling which is rampant in America.

Around 7:45 PM, an as-yet-unidentified man walked into the Snappy Convenience Store. Words were exchanged and the trigger-happy gun owners opened fire. Broward County Sheriff’s Office (BSO) Investigators have stated that the shooters opened fire based almost entirely on how the deceased was dressed and a few words out of his mouth.

In other words, the dead man was asking for it.

His offensive clothing? A mask, gloves, and a handgun. The traditional garb of the violent felon.

BSO spokeswoman Gina Carter said, “That suspect came into the store with the intent of robbing it.”

Unfortunately for him, the clerks had already had experience with armed robbers in their store, drawing their own sidearms and firing.

Aside from the assailant, nobody was harmed. The assailant was pronounced dead at the scene.

This is, again, a great example of preparedness, taught to the proprietors and staff by a previous robbery in 2010.

These clerks’ Situational Awareness game was On Point. However, we do not know whether or not the staff trained regularly in counter-robbery drills, but training is ALWAYS a good idea.

Training ensure that the trainee has a better chance of correctly executing whatever steps are necessary to accomplish a task. In the case of a fighting situation such as a robbery, ensuring that you can correctly execute your draw and presentation.

Train. Train hard. Train often.

Train with Interritus.

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