Texas Moms Already HAVE Gun Sense; Demand Large Caliber Ammo, Instead

12 January 2016, Dripping Springs, Texas

What kind of man tries to enter a strange, occupied house in the middle of the night? What kind of man assails a woman and her children in their own home? What kind of man decides to stay in the building when faced with an angry, armed, Texan mother AND the knowledge that the police are on the way?

A stupid man, that’s who.

Randall Dorsett pulled up to a house around 11:PM and made enough noise doing so that the homeowner heard him and had the time to summon the police while he was still in the driveway trying to figure out which way would let his (probably) drug-addled self into the residence with a minimum of effort.

After trying the front door handle and failing to open it, he moved to the garage and managed to get in there. He continued into the kitchen where the homeowner, still waiting for law enforcement to arrive from half a county away, met him with her .44 Magnum.

After the homeowner politely and repeatedly (and loudly) asked him to leave, he refused.

After he was so impolite as to refuse her gracious request, she feared that he would attempt some form of violence against her or her kids. So she shot him. Once. In the gut.

He was medevac’d by helicopter and is expected to recover from his wound. He’ll be arrested on his release from the hospital.

Neither the homeowner nor her children were harmed.

Please do not mistake our constant harping on the various police agencies’ delays in arrival as a criticism. Police departments are small organizations and have large areas to cover with those few officers. Hays County is a large, primarily-rural county with large, contiguous tracts of ranch land and slow, twisty roads. Law enforcement response times are slow outside the built-up areas.

This is one of the many, many, many, many, many things that the general anti-gun crowd doesn’t understand: You ARE Your Own First Responder when you live out in the country and you can’t afford/haven’t had assigned to you by the US Government a security detail. Just like living far from a hospital, you have to have the capability to deal with the random threats off both four-legged and two-legged varieties.

We’re kind of surprised that she wasn’t reported to have had him cuffed and treated for shock and blood loss before the police arrived.

No matter where you live, you need to be prepared to deal with threats, too. Sometimes the police will take a while to get to you, whether you live in the sticks or Detroit. Be Ready.

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