Atlanta Shooter Refuses to Recognize Badges, Kills One, Wounds Another, Walks Free

13 January 2016, Decatur, Georgia

Nothing makes even the most law-abiding of sphincters pucker quite so much as that authoritative knock at the door followed by, “This is the police! Open Up!” or whatever they say in your jurisdiction.

Criminals who have figured this out have decided to use social engineering in conjunction with costumes to make their entry processes easier. Why bother with lock picks or violence when you can get your victim to open the door for you?

Heck, even if the victim WON’T open the door, any passersby will think the fake cop kicking the door in (a “fauxlice officer”, if you will) has every right to be doing so.

In today’s case, 28-year-old Timoteo Hernandez (pictured post-pistol-whipping above) was at home with his mom when, around 5 PM, the assault on his home began, skipping the knocking and proceeding directly to breaking the door down.

Two men, at least one of whom was dressed as a security officer or police officer, including badges, sidearms, and flex-cuffs, started kicking in Tim’s door.

Tim went to engage them and, after some few moments of hand-to-hand fighting an being held at gunpoint, retrieved his rifle and opened fire on the two home invaders.

The one suspect who was definitely dressed as some kind of badged officer was able to escape the house, only to exceed his freshness date in the yard of a nearby home. The other thug also escaped, jumping into the getaway car and heading to a Zaxby’s where he was dumped out of the car by the driver, who yelled, “Call 9-1-1!”

Let us take a moment here to pause and consider that course of action as representative of average criminal intelligence. One of your moron buddies is dead on a lawn and the other is in your passenger seat bleeding out of one or more bullet wounds and your first thought isn’t “OMG! GOTTA CALL 9-1-1 AND GET THIS GUY TO A HOSPITAL NOW!” but “THIS GUY NEEDS CHICKEN! STAT!”

If you are a criminal and you are reading this, please allow us to remind you that the Indescribably Good® taste of Zaxby’s chicken is no substitute for competent medical assistance.

The female driver was arrested at the restaurant. Hopefully she got a to-go order.

Timothy took a minor pistol-whipping. Tim’s 51-year old, uninsured mother, however, suffered both the pistol whipping AND a HEART ATTACK, requiring a stent. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with her medical and his relocation costs.

Luckily, Timmy brought his firearm to bear and brought an end to the assault on his home. And while we know that this will make Hillary and Bernie’s heads explode, self-defense isn’t a crime in Georgia (not even in the progressive paradise of Hotlanta) and Tim will face no charges stemming from his appropriate, lawful use of force.

While we can’t fault the outcome: Everyone Survived. We can chide Tim and/or his mom for not being as prepared as they could be. Our Good Guy With A Gun, living inside the red zone of the I-285 loop, should know by now that You Are Your Own First Responder when you live in an area where crimes happen faster than law enforcement can respond (if you even have a chance to call them, Tim didn't) and consequently, should Home Carry whenever possible or set the house up that your defensive arms are immediately available wherever you are.

Tim did not keep his rifle as handy as he could have and, as a result, found himself outnumbered and facing determined assailants who did not stop their violent, criminal assault until he opened fire upon them.

Now you know. And knowing is…what?

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