Police Find Man Shot Outside of Cocoa, FL Gas Station

12 January 2016, Cocoa, Florida

Sowann Suy is just another guy trying to make a buck in America. Unfortunately for him, he’s chosen to try to make that buck running a gas station in the shadow of the Cocoa, FL Water Tower.

Tuesday night, Mr. Suy was doing his thing, selling gas and minor foodstuffs, when Norrick “Nono” Hyman, 30, burst through his door waving a gun and demanding money. This was not a good idea.

Unbeknownst to Hyman and his getaway support team, Janisha Smith, 23, and DeJuan Wright, 24, was the fact that Sowann Suy is very attached to both his life and his hard-earned revenues.

In 2009, a man entered the store and demanded Suy hand over the cash from the register. Suy shot him in the stomach.

Suy has chased off hoodlums at gunpoint at least two other times.

Working in such a rough area has honed Suy’s reflexes and when Hyman came in wearing a mask and pointing a gun at him, Our Good Guy With A Gun shot him multiple times and forcing him to flee.

Following his assailant outside, Suy saw the robbery support team driving towards Hyman, who was lying on the ground staining Suy’s pavement, and then driving right past him as Suy engaged them with more gunfire. While doing so he witnessed Hyman’s “friends” rolling right down the row of gas pumps, past their wounded friend, and down US-1 into Rockledge; where they were arrested, still sitting in their bullet-riddled Camaro.

According to one report, to add to an already foul situation, the Camaro belonged to a friend of theirs.

Now, this is normally the part where we pick apart the defense in order to identify what the defender did wrong or could have done better. However, with as much practice as he’s had at Being His Own First Responder, the only thing he could do better is to sell the joint and buy a new one some place a little less prone to robbery.

Failing that, perhaps investing in a better security setup may be a good idea. A higher-resolution camera would be a good place to start; or maybe a bullet-resistant cashier’s box.

We can’t really say anything about his shooting technique. It’s been proven to work. All we can say to you, our readers, is that if the biomass ever hits the roto-impeller in your neck of the woods, you should be as prepared as he is.

This means you need to train. Train hard, train often, and train in as realistic a manner as you can afford.

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