Bloodthirsty Clerk Guns Down One in Houston

09 January 2016, Houston, Texas

A trigger-happy cowboy unloaded on two men in a Houston convenience store late Saturday night resulting in the needless death of one man.

According to police investigators, two armed, masked men entered the convenience store and demanded the money out of the till. The female store owner behind the counter complied with the demand and then locked herself behind the bullet-resistant security screen.

Apparently the two men, who were only trying to earn some money, decided that the clerks were holding out and one of them started to chase the store owner’s son. Perhaps it was an effort to get him to open a safe. We don’t know.

The other mild-mannered, non-threatening robber attempted to climb over the top of the security screen in an effort to get at the female.

The owner’s son, deciding that these poor, desperate men deserved death for the simple crime of wanting money, drew his firearm and opened fire, killing one the poor bandits.

The other pitiable gunman got away.

Ok, we can’t continue with this sarcasm. Sorry.

The deceased got precisely what was coming to him and it is a damned shame that his buddy didn’t get some of the same.

These criminals took it upon themselves to take up arms in an effort to get through crime what they, through what are sure to be sad and deplorable personal histories involving poor parenting, uncaring schools, and major life mistakes, could not obtain.

These convenience store personnel were exactly right in their actions. They attempted to defuse the situation through compliance and, after that didn’t work, they defused it through force of arms.

And anyone who comes to us with their sad personal histories saying that we just don’t understand desperation can pound sand. Their right to pity and help ended when they donned their masks and took up arms to threaten innocent people.

A good guy with a gun stopped two bad guys with guns. Surely there must be flying swine as we speak.

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