Arkansas Man Opens Fire After Neighbor Child Asks For a Cigarette

16 January 2016, Blytheville, Arkansas

An gun-fetishist redneck opened fire after a child he knew came to his door and asked for a cigarette.

According to Blytheville Police Assistant Chief Ricky Jefferson, the victims answered a knock at their door and was greeted by a local 17-year old who was known to them. The teen asked him for a cigarette and, as the victim reached for one, a second, masked and armed suspect rushed the doorway.

The homeowner drew his sidearm, exchanging shots with the second assailant. The masked man was hit and found nearby suffering from at least one gunshot wound. His condition has not been announced, but he is still in the hospital.

The victims were unharmed.

The juvenile offender is still at-large.

Here we have another great example of home carry. You are responsible for your own self-defense and home security, and having your sidearm or long-rifle handy around the house is a part of that.

But criminals, having learned that people have stopped opening the doors to strangers, have taken to using decoys and camouflage. In this case, the main attacker co-opted a young man whom the victims knew personally.

Who wouldn’t open the door to a “friend”?

This homeowner surely did, and almost paid for it with his life. But, he was ready and he was capable with his arms and he survived to give cigarettes to under-aged youths another day.

Surely you, our loyal readers, can be at least as ready as a man who is willing to give out smokes to kids, if not more?

We’re not saying that you need to run around your house with body armor and a rifle at the ready, but people are bastards. And those bastards are the criminal equivalent of an outlet shorting out in your house.

To contain an unexpected fire, you use your home fire extinguisher until the professionals arrive. To contain an unexpected robbery, you use the equivalent of that fire extinguisher to contain the problem until the professionals arrive.

You are your own first responder. Be Ready.

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