OKC Is Not Always A-OK

25 January 2016, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

According to authorities, it was just another peaceful Saturday afternoon in at the Almonte Apartments in OKC.

At least, it was for Jeffery Jamal Smith, 26. Until he heard a knock at his door and ignored it.

His unknown visitors, incensed at their host’s refusal to admit them, decided that they weren’t taking No for an answer and let themselves in via the time-honored method of kicking the door down.

The victim, not knowing the gentlemen, sought cover and armed himself. On seeing the intruders in his home, the victim opened fire, killing Bobby Lachez Perkins, 26, and driving off Perkins’ accomplice.

There’s not too much to say about this incident. Attack happened, homeowner sought shelter.

However, there is a bit we CAN discuss. Mr. Perkins and his friend were most likely not intending to assault Mr. Smith. It is more likely, from the victim’s description of the incident, that they were looking for an empty apartment to rob.

Mr. Smith’s decision to not answer his door may have given the impression that he was not home.

On finding a nice, empty apartment to rob, Perkins & Co made entry, only to be met with gunfire.

We at Interritus heartily recommend that you let your potential home invaders know that you’re home. We’re not saying that you should open your door, but you can simply talk to them through the door. Let them know that you have 9-1-1 ready to dial in case they’re someone who needs some kind of help.

If they become insistent on asking for admission, tell them to go away, press dial and summon law enforcement. If they continue to press for entry, inform them that you are armed, fall back to cover, and stand by to repel boarders or greet rescuers.

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