Keep Austin Weird...And Lawfully Armed

20 January 2015, Austin, Texas

Two men are in custody after a poorly-planned robbery attempt in Austin.

Police say that Donovan Anthony Brown, 26, and Jason Croft Mitchell, 28, tried to rob a convenience store on South Fifth Street.

Brown entered the store to commit the violent felony while Mitchell stayed in their SUV to effect the getaway.

Police have said that the clerk was, as clerks in such a ‘Weird” city should be, armed and ready for a robbery attempt. He initially cooperated, then drew his own firearm and opened up as his attacker fled, wounding Mitchell in the getaway SUV.

However, one of the many benefits of shooting your attackers with your lawfully-owned firearm is that the wound, while not necessarily fatal, will usually require professional medical assistance. Which will usually result in an arrest. In this case, Mitchell called 9-1-1 from where Brown had abandoned him Paramedics transported him to the hospital with a non-life-threatening wound.

A K9 unit located Brown hiding nearby. Police also located their firearm in the same yard.

What can we say besides, “Be Prepared”? Nothing. The clerk was ready and willing to use force in his defense as well as to attempt to stop fleeing felons who had just perpetrated a violent crime.

Rock On, Mr. Clerk!

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