If Only She'd Had A Gun...

26 January 2016, Louisville, Kentucky

According to Louisville Metro Police, a woman was mugged at knifepoint in a downtown parking garage. As stated in the title, we at Interritus firmly believe that if she’d had a gun, that encounter would have gone much better.

Oh, wait. She DID have a gun and it DID go better.

Police say that the man walked up to the woman as she sat in her car, pulled a knife, and demanded money and her purse.

Unfortunately for the man, his would-be victim was better armed and trained than he was.

She fired one shot, causing him to break off and flee.

As the attacker ran by PNC Plaza, a bystander noticed him littering the plaza with blood and summoned EMS. He was taken to the hospital with allegedly non-life-threatening injuries.

We can take several lessons from this. Let’s take them in order, shall we?

1. Situational Awareness. She didn’t have as much as she should have. Parking garages are great places to get jumped. When you are moving through an area like that, sitting in your car and hanging around is not the best of ideas.

To avoid being a sitting duck, be ready to move out on reaching your car. You should have sent any texts and downloaded any directions you needed prior to entering such a high-threat area.

Further, keep your head on a swivel. If you’re so absorbed in your phone or staring at your car, then you’re not engaged with the world. If you’re not engaged, then you miss things; like that guy standing in the shadow in the corner or squatting between parked cars.

2. Training. She was lucky that her assailant ran off after one shot. It normally takes many more shots to get an adrenaline-happy attacker to even notice that he’s been shot. Her training, if she had any, obviously did not include shoot-to-stop/failure-to-stop drills.

Do those. Train to make multiple shots on an assailant until they’re down or fleeing.

This woman was lucky. Don’t depend on luck.

3. This story was covered rather well by local media. But, as usual, national media left it out. The rule in what passes for journalism today is usually, “If it bleeds, it leads.”

Unless it involves a successful Defensive Gun Use. Then even Fox won’t touch it because this kind of thing doesn't happen.

It sets the wrong example and encourages the unwashed masses to defend themselves. And we can’t have that, can we?

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