8-Year Old Rescued From Home Invasion

28 January 2016, Center Point, Alabama

Three men thought that they had an easy score. The home owner was gone and their only resistance was an eight year old boy who was home alone after school.

The assault began in the classic manner, knocking on the doors to see if anyone was home. The boy, being 8, did not answer the door, calling his father, instead.

His father, having a higher level of motivation and being closer than the nearest cruiser, arrived on scene a few moments after the boy called. Finding three men in his house, he challenged them and opened fire.

When authorities finally arrived, they transported one wounded man to the hospital, where he later died. The two others are at large, though at least one other may be wounded as there was a possible blood trail leading from the house.

The child was found unharmed. The father has not been charged with the crime of defending his child.

No commentary tonight. We have another class early tomorrow. G’night, all.

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