Marine Veteran Encounters Burglar, Guess What Happens Next?

28 January 2016, Springfield, Illinois

A “lawful gun owner” apparently snapped when he discovered someone trying to break into his house around midnight.

The homeowner, a former Marine, was sleeping and was awakened when he heard a noise on his back porch. Seeing someone trying to break in, he grabbed his legally-owned gun and then went absolutely crazy with not firing his weapon and ordering the would-be intruder to leave.

The intruder, Christopher Price, 24, was arrested about a block away when a responding officer detained him and then placed him under arrest.

This is an unusual event. According to most news stories and blogs about gun ownership, your gun will be taken from you and used against you or how all gun owners are just itching to shoot someone. Like this one, or this one.

“But, this guy was a veteran!” we hear you cry, “He’s supposed to know how to use a gun.”

To which we direct your attention to the multitude of articles from the left, such as this one from The Telegraph and this one, from something called “Alternet”, which appears to be a haven for BS propaganda, but apparently has some influence in Leftist circles.

While there are, indeed, Veterans who have some pretty bad issues, it’s not the pandemic the fearmongers make it out to be.

But, when you need to paint an entire group with a broad brush to advance your agenda, then you can never go wrong with wounded Veterans.

Thanks, guys.

The Link:

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