How Many Time Do We Have to Talk About the Armed and Elderly?

06 January 2016, Corpus Christi, Texas

In addition to blatantly ignoring laws, criminals also fail to heed good advice. In this case, the criminal in question decided to avoid the good advice offered here regarding assaulting the elderly.

An unidentified criminal in Corpus Christi, unlawfully armed with a handgun in violation of all the state and federal laws that said he couldn’t have one, decided to accost a 69 year-old homeowner and his 71 year-old wife outside of their home.

However, he bit off rather more than he could chew with what was most probably not his first attempt at forcefully withdrawing money from private citizens.

In this case, his intended victim, a disabled veteran of an unnamed war, decided that he was refusing the young man’s delivery of guff and pulled his own weapon, shooting the young man and holding him until the police arrived.

We’re not sure how many times we need to say it. Perhaps we should post these on some kind of criminal’s-only Facebook as a public service to the mothers of the felons out there. While their sons may deserve the bullets they receive, we still feel kind of bad.

So, we’ll say it yet again, here and now:

Do. Not. Mess. With. The. Elderly!

As the kids would say, the elderly have zero F’s left to give, and most of them grew up in a time that would leave today’s twenty-somethings quaking with fear and lack of internet. Our Good Guy With A Gun was minding his own business, and then SOMEBODY had to come along and harsh his mellow.

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