Unarmed Man Shot in Georgia

07 January 2016, Augusta, Georgia

Geoffrey Reavis, 25, from somewhere in North Carolina, was unarmed when Austin Burch, 27, of North Augusta, South Carolina, shot him while they were both driving along Gordon Highway.

According to Burch, Mr. Reavis’ poor driving caused him to fear for his life and open fire.

Mr. Reavis’ bad driving was, to be specific, multiple attempts to run Mr. Burch off the road.

Mr. Burch will not be charged for defending himself.

Mr. Reavis’ charges are pending his recovery in the hospital.

This is something we haven’t really discussed here: dealing with road rage.

We don’t know what set Mr. Reavis off. What we do know is that Gordon Highway is usually pretty dead at 11:30 at night, so there was most likely plenty of room for Mr. Reavis to go around Mr. Burch, regardless of how slowly he may or may not have been driving.

Road rage is usually set off by the most banal of incidents and, while you may be in the wrong for having cut that guy off, you don’t deserve to be run off the road for it.

Mr. Burch did everything right. He didn’t stop, he most likely tried to disengage through changing lanes and slowing down. But his assailant continued his assault, even in the face of his attempt to let him by.

So, our Good Guy With A Gun defended himself through gunfire. When someone’s trying to kill you with a multi-ton blunt object, there’s not a whole lot else you can do.

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