Lethal Leg Shot Leaves Landowner Lost In Legal Limbo

30 December 2015, Houston, TX

A Houston homeowner faces a grand jury investigation after shooting a man in his home.

According to HPD, the homeowner and his family arrived home around 8 that night and made their way into the house with no problems…until the family’s young daughter discovered an armed man in her room.

The police further stated that the armed suspect engaged in some kind of physical altercation on his way out of the house.

The homeowner, finding himself tangling with an armed assailant, drew his gun and shot him in the leg.

Killing him.

The only reason we can think of for the referral to the Grand Jury is that the assailant was purported to be making his way out of the house.

So, until a jury of his peers decided that shooting the man charging at you with a knife constitutes self-defense, our Good Guy With A Gun is stuck in limbo.

Enjoy your New Year. Be Safe.

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