Happy New Year!

01 January 2016, San Antonio, Texas

Happy New Year, Y’All!

It’s been 104 days since we started this project. In those 104 days, we’ve brought you at least that number of separate defensive gun uses. And this is only what a few people, working when they can, have been able to find in a few minutes’ Googling.

What does this mean? We’re not sure.

We know that few of these stories, if any, made the national news. We know that many of these individuals survived their assaults, their burglaries, and their robberies only to face fierce opposition and prosecution by anti-gun jurisdictions bent on ensuring that they find something to charge them with; if only to ensure that an armed self-defense case has something to taint it.

So, why do we even bother to do this? As stated at the beginning, this is meant to counter the barrage of negativity seen in most media. It’s difficult for the people doing the story selection to ignore the fact that, even though they want to be fair and balanced in their coverage of an issue, they will be immediately downsized if they stray too far from the politics of the people paying the bills.

We at Interritus don’t have that issue. We are unabashedly pro-gun. We believe that responsible firearms ownership is the future. We believe that unless we want to become the next British-style police state, that we are responsible for our personal defense. And we don’t have anyone else paying our bills and trying to influence our little editorials.

The stories that we’ve covered thus far have been mostly burglaries, with a few robberies and assaults thrown in for good measure. These are people who, if not for their defensive arms, stood at least a slightly higher probability of death or serious bodily harm; if not a certain chance of the same.

But it appears to us that, drowning out the voices of reason on both sides of the aisle, there are a large percentage of people who would prefer that these 104+ people had died rather than used evil, smelly, icky guns to defend themselves and their families.

And that’s just wrong.

So, we will continue to document these for you, we may miss a day here or there as life happens, but rest assured that we’ll make it up to you.

Keep your powder dry and remember that You Are Your Own First Responder.

#youareyourownfirstresponder #DGU #GoodGuyWithAGun #mediabias

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