Ohio Mom Fails To Call 9-1-1, Opens Fire, Kills 29 Year-Old

28 December 2015, Dayton. Ohio

A woman’s fate hangs in the balance as a Grand Jury deliberates her fate. According to the police, the unnamed Good Gal With A Gun was up early doing the laundry for herself and the children who were home with her when three men kicked in her back door.

The security cameras from the house show three men in parkas and at least one of them armed with a handgun.

They pistol whipped our homeowner and attempted to drag her husband’s safe out of the house.

The flaw in their plan was that this woman home carried. As these three young, innocent pranksters were executing their harmless shenanigans, she drew her weapon and opened fire; killing 29 year-old Azikiwe Presley.

We say it, other pro-self-defense sites say it, too: Home Carry. Because you may not have time to stop, grab a cell phone, and summon help.

In today’s world, criminals have learned from our military. Speed, Surprise, and Violence of Action can get them what they want with the minimum of risk.

However, this can work against them, too.

Murphy’s Laws of Combat state that no plan ever survives first contact with the enemy. This applies just as much to your typical home-invasion robbery.

While they’re using their Speed, Surprise, and Violence to shock you into compliance, they’re running off of a script in their head. “Kick in door, take residents by surprise, hold at gunpoint or kill them if needed, take items, leave”

This woman may have been shocked by the initial invasion, but she recovered her presence of mind to get inside her assailant’s decision-making process (The OODA Loop). Her surprise and violence of action (speed is not known from the story) disrupted their thought process and required them to deal with a threat to themselves where they expected none. This allowed her to take control of the narrative and, through superior (hopefully aimed) fire, drive out the invaders, killing one of them.

Sadly, the first link below only shows the entry and capture of the female homeowner, illustrating exactly how much time she didn’t have to call the police before the attackers were upon her. There is no video link to her lawful use of force to Be Her Own First Responder and boot them out of her home.

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