College Station Man Shot Entering Apartment

28 December 2015, College Station, Texas

Zebulun Jarell Ransom was shot today after accidentally forcing his way into an occupied apartment while brandishing a gun. The result of a trigger-happy Texan doing his part to ensure that the streets run red with the blood of the innocent while not allowing Mr. Ransom a safe space to clearly explain himself or his needs.

According to authorities, Mr. Ransom attempted to push his way into the apartment after the door was opened. Whereupon he was promptly shot by the resident, a Good Guy With A Gun, who had the foresight to have his weapon on or about him when a stranger came knocking.

As is usual with these cases, the resident made the mistake off opening the door. Apart from that, he did well by defending himself and ensuring that nobody got hurt except the assailant.

As is also usual with this, the resident had between zero and one second to summon police before the intruder was in the house. So he was forced to Be His Own First Responder, firing a single shot, resulting in Mr. Ransom’s eventual death from a gunshot wound.

The resident is cooperating with the investigation and his story was corroborated by multiple witnesses.

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