Child Attacked on Fort Ord

30 December 2015, Fort Ord Military Housing, California

Two men, one a veteran, attacked a little boy today; beating him before finally shooting him with a pistol. He is listed in critical condition at Natividad Medical Center.

Of course, there’s a whole lot more to this story. According to Presidio of Monterey Police, the “child” was 18 and was engaging in some youthful hijinks and breaking into the home around noon. Perhaps he presumed the two men were not home.

They were home.

A struggle ensued between the men and the youngster, then one of the men produced a pistol and, during the continued struggle, the weapon was fired and the little rapscallion was wounded.

Apparently, the little whippersnapper was from out of town.

Anyway, there are few details released on this, being that it was a successful defensive gun use in a very “progressive” area. What we can take from this is that the two men needed to go an retrieve a firearm in order to stop the assault on their home.

The moral, therefore, is: Home Carry.

Criminals are getting desperate. While gun sales continue to climb and crime rates continue to fall, those criminals who are just starting their careers or who have been re-re-re-released back into the general community are coming to the realization that most people are not home during the day and are starting to strike then, instead of at night, when there’s a higher chance of meeting a pissed off homeowner who doesn’t feel like enabling your bad habit.

So when you’re home during the day because school’s out for the holiday’s, keep in mind the fact that people may not realize this and will be looking for easy robbery targets, not expecting to be met with an occupied dwelling.

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