Manchester, NH: Concealed Carry Killer Shoots Hoodie-Wearing Youth

04 January 2016, Manchester, New Hampshire

Blood ran red in the streets of Manchester as an unarmed New Hampshire man was almost killed tonight after a woman felt threatened by a man in a hoodie and unloaded on him.

According to police, Michael Bontaites, 23, and an unnamed female accomplice followed the senior to her apartment parking lot and Bontaites attempted to grab her as she tried to get away.

The victim, a 65 year-old, 105-pound, 4’11” tall woman feared for her safety after 23 year-old, 200-pound, 5’11” Bontaites ran past her, blocked her path to her apartment, and made his try to seize her. So she drew her lawfully concealed handgun and shot him in the chest.

Bontaites is currently being treated for serious, but non-life-threatening wounds and has been charged with robbery.

For his attempt to lay hands upon and rob an old woman in the middle of the night as she came home from work, for his assault upon this person, for terrorizing an innocent person, his bail has been set at a whopping $5000.

His accomplice, who scooped him up off the pavement and ejected him at the hospital, is still at large.

This senior citizen was prepared. And that’s the lesson we should take from her experience:

A lawful concealed handgun carrier, she wasn’t walking around town looking for a fight. She was going through her day, doing her thing, and probably not giving any excess thought to the gun in her pocket until the thug showed up to assault her.

This is an example for the rest of the carrying world.

This should also be an example to those who have made it their mission in life to disarm law-abiding Americans. When your average gun control enthusiast thinks about guns, they picture a middle-class, mid-forties, white male, about 5’11”, 200ish pounds, with an AR-15 in his hand, a pistol on his belt, and a confederate flag T-Shirt standing in front of a burning cross and hoping desperately that nobody notices his 2-inch penis.

Nobody thinks about the reality that is lawful gun-ownership in America. Nobody pictures a 4’11”, 105-pound, grandmother, alone in the snow, defending herself from a vastly more-powerful attacker.

Nobody pictures an old man, trailing an Oxygen tank, trying his best to convince someone to stop breaking through his window.

But who cares about them, right?

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