Best. Spouse. Ever.

29 January 2016, Lumber Bridge, North Carolina

Some soldier or airman in Lumber Bridge, NC is VERY lucky. This servicemember is married to a woman who can handle her business with a minimum of fuss and an absolute refusal to tolerate anything that even remotely appears to be guff.

Robeson County deputies, who were en-route to respond to the burglar alarm at the house, had their job done for them as the female homeowner returned home from shopping, first. She saw a strange car parked on the premises, realized that this was an attempt to introduce guff into her household, decided that she would tolerate no such thing, and went in muzzle-first.

There, she encountered Brian Keith Ratley, 45, of Fayetteville, NC. Ratley, a repeat-offender felon who was out on parole for a 2013 felony, the latest conviction in a string of crimes dating back to 1995, was strolling down the hallway clutching the homeowner’s iPad.

Then she shot the intruder before he could get past her and out to where she had parked the car, where her kid had been safely stored while she checked the house. Then she called 9-1-1 to report that there had indeed been an intruder and he was down.

Now, before everyone gets all up in arms about Interritus promoting vigilante justice…we do NOT advocate that as a solution.

However, this woman chose to make entry into her own home and clear it prior to bringing her kid in. If you are going to choose to defend your own home in such a manner, it should be done correctly.

We can find few faults with her chosen defensive methodology aside from not letting the police handle it. But if her home had contained large amounts of dangerous items such as guns, waiting may not have been an option if she didn’t want to permit the possibility of allowing a firearm into the underground market.

The only other problem we had is that she had her kid with her. Again, if circumstances are dire enough, sure, go ahead. However, if not, then perhaps waiting and allowing the professionals to enter and shoot the intruder may have been preferable. But we weren’t there to make the decisions and she shouldn’t be questioned on it just for those minor factors.

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