VA Teen Shot by Gunman

29 January 2016, Hampton, Virginia

A crazed gunman opened fire in a late-night convenience store, killing one man and wounding another.

Police, in their usual persecution of the innocent, will be charging the wounded man when he’s released from the hospital.

Well….it didn’t happen EXACTLY like that.

In actuality Timothy L. Johnson, 18, and an unnamed associate strolled into the Gift Card ATM store and attempted to rob it. The clerk, being a responsible armed citizen, opened fire on his attackers.

When the police finally arrived, everything was, as usual, all over. Johnson was declared dead at the scene, while his accomplice was thought to have escaped.

He didn’t.

Shortly after the botched robbery, authorities responded to a call for an “unrelated” gunshot wound at a nearby apartment complex. Miraculously, the wounded man at the apartment complex turned out to be Johnson’s accomplice.

Who’d’a thunk it?

As it’s late, and tax season, and the source articles are not clear on details, we’ll forgo the usual breakdown or commentary on the people who wanted the clerk to be injured or killed to push a failed policy.

Y’all have a great night.

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